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About our Boxing

At exercise.co.uk, we love boxing, not just because of its strength development and muscle building qualities, but because of how effective and fun and easy it is to get into, get fit and stay in shape. That's why we offer our customers a brilliant range of boxing equipment by market leader Everlast.

Boxing is an intense aerobic and anaerobic workout and requires you to use both your upper and lower body muscles in unison. Through the combination of this unison, you are capable of throwing high impact punches, and because the majority of the muscles are used in a short amount of time, your cardiovascular and anaerobic systems burn a massive amount of calories.

Want to give it a go? We offer a fantastic range of affordable boxing equipment. You can buy the boxing gloves and punch bag as a set or individually, depending on your preference. You do have the option to purchase a boxing punch bag set which will include boxing gloves, punch bag, focus pads, hand wraps, an ab wheel and a skipping rope, or alternativity a boxing fitness kit depending on your goals and requirements. A boxing fitness kit includes soft boxing mittens and focus pads depending on your needs and goals.

If you decide to purchase boxing gloves, there are a few things which you will need to look at. Boxing gloves come in different sizes, and weight typically displayed as ounces (oz). Usually, boxing gloves come in 12, 14 and 16-ounce weights but 8, 10 and 16-ounce gloves are available depending on your requirement.

Punch bags, on the other hand, come in 2 options: heavy and standing. The difference between this home boxing equipment is that a heavy punch bag has a chain attached to the top of it, which are connected to the punch bag stand. The standing punch bag, on the other hand, has a base filled with water or sand. Choosing between a heavy punch bag which requires a punch bag stand or a standing punch bag depends on space within your home. Additionally, if you want your home fully kitted out, you can purchase a speed bag shaped like a pear designed to improve your boxing speed. These smaller, pear-shaped bags develop rhythm and are a nice addition of boxing equipment, once you’ve got your teeth into some regular training and want to spice things up.