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Everlast is a long-established global leader in boxing equipment and the brand of choice for champions across the world. 

Everlast was founded back in 1910 by Jacob Golomb and was originally a swimwear company. In 1917, the company was approached by a young fighter named Jack Dempsey, who requested they design and make him some special training gear that would last him more than 15 rounds. Dempsey went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship wearing Everlast Boxing Gloves in 1919. It was from here that Everlast became known as the market leader in boxing equipment, present in over 100 countries and known for its quality, innovation and durability.

What’s your goal? To lose weight, tone up, improve your speed or to increase your stamina? Or maybe you want to find a way to build your confidence or destress. Whatever your goal, boxing is the ultimate choice. It is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercises with a whole host of benefits, including weight loss, fitness and mental wellbeing.

Exercise.co.uk are pleased to offer a wide range of Everlast boxing equipment. This premium equipment is a great option for beginners and experienced athletes alike, enabling you to get fit and have fun all from the comfort of your own home, or at the gym.  Our collection of Everlast equipment includes boxing gloves, hand wraps, focus pads, punch bags and more, all of which are designed to enhance your performance and safety.

The Everlast home gym equipment range includes:

Boxing Gloves

Your Everlast boxing gloves are your most important piece of boxing equipment. They are designed protect your hands when you repeatedly beat a heavy bag or pads. Our lightweight gloves are comfortable, durable and well-fitting.

Punch Bags

Choose from a range of Everlast punch bags, which are crafted to stand the test of time. Heavy bags will help you to build powerful punches, while speed bags are great for developing speed.

Focus Pads

Focus pads are ideal for pairs training and will help you improve accuracy, timing and speed. Our Everlast hook and jab pads are also great for refining your combinations and keeping your training fun.

Hand Wraps

Everlast hand wraps will protect your fingers, knuckles and wrists from injury when you repeatedly throw punches. They will also help to extend the lifespan of your boxing gloves by keeping them clean and dry.

Boxing Accessories and More

Our selection of Everlast boxing training accessories features everything you need for a complete boxing workout, including punch bag stands, speed bag platforms and skipping ropes.