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About our Marcy

Marcy home gym equipment is renowned for its quality. Carefully crafted from the most durable materials, each piece of home gym equipment ensures safety, comfort and reliability. No matter your experience or workout style, there’s a Marcy gym product to meet your needs, allowing you to exercise and get fantastic results from the comfort of your own home. The Marcy home gym equipment range includes:

Marcy Multi Gyms

Marcy’s market-leading multi-gyms are designed to target every muscle group and get serious results fast. They have a range of features and attachments, including pulley systems, adjustable weight stacks, lat bars, leg developers and more. So many exercises can be undertaken, including chest presses, shoulder presses, crossovers, rows, bicep curls, tricep pulldowns, front squats and more.

Marcy Weight Benches

A Marcy weight bench is a must-have if you’re keen to do pressing exercises in your home gym. You can perform a number of exercises, including chest presses, bench presses and rows, as well as using the bench for other moves like step-ups and tricep dips. There are several different types of weight bench available from Marcy, including benches with racks, folding benches, adjustable benches, flat benches ad more.

Marcy Smith Machines

Choose a Marcy Smith machine to lift heavy weights safely at home. No matter how much weight you are lifting, a Marcy Smith machine has your back. From shoulder presses and bench presses to deadlifts and squats, you can use your Smith machine to build muscle fast.

Marcy Exercise Bikes

Our range of Marcy exercise bikes includes upright and indoor exercise bikes for a great cardio workout, recumbent bikes for low-intensity sessions if you are older or in recovery from an operation, to folding bikes, which are perfect for smaller spaces.

Marcy Cross Trainers

A cross trainer is a versatile piece of fitness equipment for your home gym. Marcy do them very well, including the Azure, the Onyx, and the Regenerating Magnetic Cross trainer. 

Marcy Rowing Machines

Target over 80% of your muscles with a Marcy rower, including magnetic, air and hydro rowers. A rowing machine is great for burning fat, building muscle and increasing your strength and stamina, providing a fantastic full-body workout from the comfort of your home gym.

Marcy Racks and Cages

Get the right support for your heavy lifts with a power rack or squat cage. The frames include features such as spotter bars, pull up bars, tricep dip handles and cabling. Every Marcy's racks and cages have strong, solid construction to withstand heavy usage and seriously big weights.

Marcy Pull-up Towers

A must-have for callisthenics training, a pull-up tower (or power tower) is a great addition to your home gym. Complete a number of exercises beyond pull ups with a Marcy power tower. Some other moves you can try include tricep dips and hanging leg raises. 

Marcy Dumbbells

Improve your strength, balance and coordination with dumbbells from Marcy. You can use your dumbbells for so many movements, including bicep curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, lateral raises, upright rows, squats, lunges and more.

Marcy Weight Plates

Use Marcy weight plates in conjunction with a barbell for your deadlifts, bench presses, squats and lunges, or use on their own for exercises like plate switches, lateral raises and overhead presses. The options are endless!

Marcy Eco-Friendly Weight Plates

Our latest Marcy eco weight plates are Made in Britain and are the ultimate choice for the environmentally-conscious home gym. A weight plate is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment and a fantastic alternative to kettlebells and dumbbells.

Marcy Barbells

With a Marcy barbell, you’ll be able to reach your weight lifting goals. Load up with the right amount of weight for you and complete a variety of moves like clean and jerks, snatches, bench presses, squats and more. 

Marcy Weight Racks

Keep your home gym clean and tidy with a Marcy storage rack for your weights. These racks are strong and compact, holding hundreds of kilos whilst keeping your space neat and getting rid of trip hazards.

Marcy Gym Flooring

Customise your home gym with Marcy interlocking floor matting, creating a safe and slip-resistant floor. These floor mats are also ideal for playrooms and garages.


The Marcy home gym brand has a long history, founded by Walter Marcyan, who, by 1946, had opened seven gyms around Los Angeles and had become the first official ‘personal trainer’. In 1959, Marcyan pushed strength training even further and created an All In One gym, which would become known as the first compact multi-station which could easily fit into an average-sized room.


1960 is where the Marcy brand began to really develop. It showed athletes that they were capable of improving their performance in a sustainable manner, which laid the foundations for future fitness programs in schools across America.


In 1972 Marcyan shipped off his circuit trainers to Kowloon, Hong Kong, which caught the eye of the legendary martial artist trainer, Brue Lee. It was with this circuit trainer that Lee built his iconic physique for the film Enter The Dragon.  


Coming to the modern-day, and Marcy is still influencing the fitness industry with a range of home gym equipment. It has won a number of awards, with the ME-702 bike winning the Women’s Running Editor’s Choice in 2021 and the B80 winning the Best Equipment Award in 2020.