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About our Roger Black Fitness

Discover Roger Black Fitness at Exercise.co.uk. We are delighted to offer a brilliant selection of home gym equipment from Great Britain’s athletics champion and Olympic gold medallist, Roger Black. Be the best version of yourself, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home with Roger Black Fitness. Choose from a range of exercise bikes, treadmills, rowers and cross trainers, including foldable options.



Having retired from athletics in 1998, Roger launched Roger Black Fitness, a range of quality home gym equipment that’s based on the fundamental desire to help people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to get fit.


“I’m focused on helping people to start moving as well as remain active, it’s as simple as that. My exercise machines are designed to be natural and intuitive to use, with both bikes and treadmills available in static and folding format. I’m delighted that Roger Black Fitness equipment continues to be popular.” - Roger Black


The motto of Roger Black Fitness is Keep Every Body Moving, and with its fantastic collection of home fitness products, the range does just that:


Roger Black Gold Exercise Bike

This fantastic low-cost, quality exercise bike is more than able to provide a very decent workout, with varied resistance, in the comfort of your own home or place of work. The gold bike is also the perfect product to buy if you enjoy cycling and are recovering from surgery but can’t necessarily use a treadmill because of joint issues. This bike is stable, solid and so easy to use.


Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike

This foldable bike is perfect for those starting their exercise journey or returning to exercise after an operation or injury. This low maintenance and easy-to-use bike will give you a great aerobic workout and help to improve your heart health. A very popular feature is that the monitor is fully integrated with a phone/iPad holder. Best of all, it folds down so perfect for small spaces!


Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill

The Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill can be stored completely flat or against a wall. It is delivered fully assembled and ready to use, with ‘click n go’ technology that means it’s easy to use and store away. Offering sleek design and incredible value-for-money, this foldable treadmill is the perfect choice for walking, jogging and running.


Roger Black Gold Treadmill

With a maximum speed of 16 km/h, the Roger Black premium treadmill has a pre-programmable incline, so is also perfect if you are keeping up with your regular road running and want to include some hills within your training programme. This is one of Roger’s regular go-to machines when exercising at home.


Roger Black Gold Air Rower

This super sleek and silent rowing machine can help to strengthen and build muscle in the chest, back, arms and legs. It works with your body weight and can also help with your posture. If you are seeking more resistance during your workout, our gold air rower has an 8-level tension control, so you can raise the bar if you’re up to the challenge!


Roger Black Gold Cross Trainer

The Roger Black Gold Cross Trainer is an entry-level cross trainer, offering a low impact, full body workout for all the family. Ideal if you are already familiar with cross trainers and have got used to coordinating your arms and legs in tandem, using a cross trainer is a great way to burn fat and to tone both your upper and lower body in a relatively short space of time.


Shop the Roger Black Fitness range at Exercise.co.uk today. It’s time to get every body moving!