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Smith Machines

About our Smith Machines

A Smith machine by Marcy is the safest way to lift heavy weights at home. It is the pinnacle of weight training!

The beauty of a Smith machine is that no matter how heavy the weights you are lifting, the machine has your back. It will protect your shoulders, legs, knees and back from injury by aiding your stability and posture. If the weight becomes unbearable or you suddenly need to stop mid-exercise, it only takes a slight movement to lock the barbell back into place.

Our Marcy Smith machines can be great for beginners but are best suited to intermediate and advanced weight lifters. It is an effective piece of home gym equipment for creating big volumes to see fast muscle growth, because it fatigues muscles from one angle for every rep.

Your Smith machine will allow you to progress to your limit safely with its guide rails, and most of our Marcy home gym machines come with an internal weight bench for seated or reclined exercise.

Remember to consider the height and footprint of a Smith machine when selecting it for your home gym. Our Smith machines vary in size, and generally, the more money you spend, the larger the piece of equipment will be.

At Exercise.co.uk, we have a Smith machine to suit every budget. We stock a range of high quality Smith machine home gyms by market leader Marcy, ranging in price from £599.00 to £1,999.00. No matter what your weightlifting goal or the size of your home gym, there’s a Smith machine for you.