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Sports Performance

About our Sports Performance

If you aren’t looking to bulk up or to improve overall strength, but rather to better your body to best perform in your sport, then you are in the perfect place. The equipment in this category is suited for training and it could even give you a competitive edge!

Through a combination of fast, explosive movements, intensive workouts and strength-specific exercising, you can be sure that you will accomplish a lot more in your chosen field – the trick is to find what is best suited for the type of sport you perform. For example, if you are a tennis player, you should be focusing on your legs and your upper body strength. For your legs and your core, you can opt for the running resistance parachute – this will help not only improve your strength but your core as well. Or, if you are a swimmer, you might be interested in the weighted shoulder bag, which will definitely bring a challenge to your exercising routine.

The exercises best suited for sports performance are power-focused and should aid you in improving or keeping up your fitness level. Other items you might find useful are weighted vests, boxing kettlebells and resistance bands. The great thing is that a lot of the equipment won’t take up too much space and can also be taken places quite easily. Of course, if you would like a challenge and you have the space, the fan resistance bike will work your arms and legs at the same time or alternate between them.

No matter your sport or the equipment you choose, the most important thing is to stay motivated!