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Weight Benches

About our Weight Benches

A weight bench is a great addition to your home gym if you are keen to focus on strength training. A high quality exercise bench will help to promote correct posture and avoid injury, as well as allowing you to explore a greater range of weightlifting movements. Shop your brand new gym bench UK today!

A weightlifting bench is essential if you are looking to complete pressing exercises. A great quality weight bench provides a safe, stable and comfortable surface for your workout. It will also offer you a greater range of movements.

Your weight bench UK can be used for a variety of dumbbell exercises including chest presses, dumbbell bench presses and incline dumbbell rows. You can use your exercise bench for other moves like tricep dips, leg lowers, step ups and more.

There is a vast range of weight benches out there, including dumbbell benches, barbell benches, foldable benches, rack benches and more. Each bench has its own speciality and benefits, and the one you select will depend on your needs, goals, budget and space available. 

Flat benches are often a more affordable option, and the perfect choice for beginners to support a range of movements. Adjustable weight benches allow you to arrange the seat and backrest so that it’s comfortable for you, as well as having access to a wider range of exercises. Rack benches are the best choice if you plan to lift heavy. Foldable benches are the best space-saving option. And a fixed motion bench offers extra safety and security if you are lifting very heavy weights.

It’s vital that you think about the size of home gym equipment when selecting it for your home. Space is often an important consideration, after all. Our exercise benches vary in size and the weights they can withstand, generally between 300lbs and 500lbs. Be sure to check the size and footprint of your favourite weight bench before ordering, as well as ensuring the weight load can accommodate the user and the weights they’ll be lifting. 

At Exercise.co.uk, we have a selection of weight benches at differing price points. This means you can select the perfect gym bench UK for your budget, whether you’re looking for something more affordable or premium. We stock a range of high quality benches by market leader Marcy and SteelBody. Prices start from £59.00 to £895.00. So no matter your experience level, goals, workout style or budget, there’s a weight bench UK at the perfect price for you and your home gym.